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Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon

by: Travel by México

Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon

by: Travel by México

The Malecon, or Boardwalk, in Puerto Vallarta has been the most important historical monument since 1936 for locals, and one of the favorite places for visitors to take a long and enjoyable walk and admire the Pacific Ocean and fantastic sunsets.

Along the about a mile walk, you will find a countless number of shops for all ages and all tastes:

Restaurants with regional and international cuisine, internationally renowned gourmet restaurants, bars, sport bars, food stands, contemporary art galleries, Huichol art galleries, craft shops and souvenir shops, and shops selling Tequila, among others.

And how about parasailing in the Banderas Bay? It’s easy. You just need to direct yourself to one of the certified boats on the beach, and enjoy yourself on the 20 minute ride. Don’t miss out on this experience that is safe and gives you amazing panoramic views

You’ll also find several agencies offering scuba diving excursions and a wide range of activities for sea or land:
- Scuba Diving and snorkeling
- Boat rides, catamaran and sailboating
- Sport Fishing
- Whale Watching (January-March)
- Swimming with Dolphins
- Tours to secluded beaches
- Horseback Riding
- Hikes
- Cultural Tours
- Ecotours
- Four-wheelers (A.T.V) and Dune Buggys
- Themed sunset dinners aboard a pirate ship, among others ...

Every weekend, musicians, singers, dancers and mimes gather to share their art in the outdoor theater A. Serdán, located across from the arches of the Malecón, the City Hall building, and the Plaza Ignacio Vallarta. The shows always brings delight to young and old alike,  who gladly participate with the traveling artists.

Alongside the theater, Mexican artists, painters and designers exhibit and sell their works, or may offer to draw a likeness of you in several styles.

And don’t miss the spectacular Voladores de Papantla, who put on their show 2 times a day, from Friday to Sunday in front of the Caballito de Mar sculpture. This show, which symbolizes a Totonacan religious ritual is admired throughout the world.

And it can be said that the Malecon is much like an open-air museum next to the sea.  Its bronze sculptures, the most famous being the Caballo de Mar, are symbols of Puerto Vallarta, as are the grand and ephemeral sand sculptures on the beach, giving rise even more to the reputation of Puerto Vallarta as the coastal city with the most art

Stroll along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta and see how time seems to stop.