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Un Paseo por Morelia ( A walk through Morelia)

by: Travel by México

Un Paseo por Morelia ( A walk through Morelia), Morelia

Un Paseo por Morelia ( A walk through Morelia)

by: Travel by México

Since May 18, 1542 Morelia still standing. It is the capital of Michoacan and lies north of the state in central Mexico. This is the midpoint between Mexico City and Guadalajara and is located in the so-called Valley of Guayangareo at an altitude of 1941 meters at sea level.

Morelia is a major student center  who receives youth from the interior of the state and other parts of the Mexican Republic. It is also a high-level tourist centre , because it has the necessary infrastructure to satisfy all tastes and budgets. The climate is very pleasant: never too cold or hot.

You can arrive by road or plane which has an airport that receives flights from different parts of the country and the United States.
In Morelia there is so much to enjoy. It can start with the tour in the city centre which was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1991, because of its beauty and architectural unity. Stands out the great houses of quarry rose with courtyards in the center, large plazas and ancient monasteries built between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Morelia is one of the most important colonial cities of America.

Among the buildings that stand out are:

La Catedral (The Cathedral)
Palacio de Gobierno (antiguo Seminario Tridentino)
Antiguo Real Hospital de San Juan de Dios.
Palacio de Justicia.
Museo Regional Michoacano. (Regional Museum of Michoacan)
Colegio de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.
Palacio Clavijero.
Templo y Ex-Convento de las Rosas. (Temple)
Museo del Estado. (Museum)
Templo y Ex-Convento de la Merced. (Temple)
Palacio Municipal.
Templo y Ex-Convento de San Agustín. (Temple)
Templo y Ex-Convento del Carmen. (Temple)
Teatro Ocampo. (Theatre)
Templo de San José. (Temple)
Templo de la Santa Cruz (1680 a 1690). (Temple)
Templo y Ex-Convento Franciscano de San Buenaventura. (Temple)
Templo y Ex-Convento de las Capuchinas. (Temple)
Templo de Santa Catalina de Siena o "Las Monjas". (Temple)
Palacio Federal.
Acueducto. (Aqueduct)
Santuario de Guadalupe. (Sanctuary)
Ex-Convento de San Diego.
Museo del Dulce. (Museum)
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Museum of Contemporary Art ), among others

You can also find plazas in different parts of the city, such as Plaza de Armas, Plaza Ocampo, Plaza Juarez, Plazuela del Carmen, Plaza Villalongin, Plaza Valladolid, Plazuela de San Jose, Jardin de los Fundadores,  Plazuela de las Rosas and el Bosque Cuauhtémoc or Alameda of the city.  Further south we find other attractions such as the zoo Benito Juarez (one of the biggest in the continent), the planetarium, orquidario and Convention Center besides different shopping malls.

In Morelia you can also enjoy a variety of the state's gastronomy, as carnitas, uchepos, corundas, enchiladas placeras and very morelian Gazpachos, a local invention! ¡And what about the desserts! The ates, morelianas, chongos, obleas con cajeta… a delight that you can not lose.

Another attraction is the service of double-decker tourist bus, tram tours and night tours walking through the centre of the city, where urban legends are told.
And for going out night there is a wide variety of places: bars, peñas with live music, quaint cafes, nooks dedicated to 60's and their legends, modern discos or splendid places to have a drink and enjoy live jazz.
To stay, Morelia has hotels in all categories even a pair of youth hostels internationally.

There will always be something new in this city to enjoy: art exhibitions, concerts, international festivals of Guitar, Organ, Dance, Music and Movie Theater, which each year is consolidated within the largest in the country.
Do not miss to live the experience moreliana, you will not regret.