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  • Catedral de Morelia, Morelia

    Catedral de Morelia (Cathedral)

    If there is a building that governs the life of Morelia is the majestic cathedral. When you see from the top from the monumental flag in Santa Maria, for example, stands out clearl

  • Ciudad de Morelia, Morelia

    About Morelia

    According to historians, the town of the matlalzincas was established in the valley of Guayangareo during the XIV and XV centuries, in what today is Morelia, a territory that was a

  • La Fundación de Morelia, Morelia

    La Fundación de Morelia (The Foundation of Morelia)

    The city of Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacan and has been the birthplace of important figures like Don Jose Maria Morelos, Dona Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and Agusti

  • Palacio de Clavijero y Biblioteca Pública, Morelia

    Palacio de Clavijero y Biblioteca Pública ( Palace of Clavijero and Public library)

    This is one of the most beautiful architectural group of Morelia. It is located at the corner of Nigromante and Madero avenue, near the Cathedral. The Society of Jesus came to New

  • Palacio de Gobierno, Morelia

    Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace)

    This magnificent building located at number 63 of the Madero West Avenue at the corner of Benito Juarez and Melchor Ocampo was built  on the orders of King Carlos II of Spain

  • Templo de San Francisco y Casa Artesanías, Morelia

    Templo de San Francisco y Casa Artesanías (Temple and Crafts House )

    (Temple and former college of San Buenaventura) This architectonic ensemble that now is in front of the Plaza Valladolid is the oldest in the city. In fact, Valladolid was built as

  • Un Paseo por Morelia, Morelia

    Un Paseo por Morelia ( A walk through Morelia)

    Since May 18, 1542 Morelia still standing. It is the capital of Michoacan and lies north of the state in central Mexico. This is the midpoint between Mexico City and Guadalajara an