Articles & tips about Oaxaca

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  • Barro Negro, Oaxaca

    Oaxacan Black Pottery

    Oaxaca is distinguished in the Mexican Republic for the preservation of many pre-Hispanic traditions. Celebrations, rites, dances, but above all the art, makes for antique roots to

  • Ciudad de Oaxaca, Oaxaca

    About Oaxaca City

    The unforgettable city of Oaxaca is the cradle of a multicolored culture with continual fascinating enchantment. A city whose roots intermix the native indigenous spirit and the gr

  • La Guelaguetza, Oaxaca

    The Guelaguetza Celebration

    Guelaguetza is the greatest festival held in the marvelous state of Oaxaca; a giant celebration where the culture and traditions create an incomparable rainbow of colors. The orig

  • Leyenda de la Princesa Donají, Oaxaca

    The Legend of Princess Donají

    A little-known variation on the legend of the Princess Donaji, is that which is told in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Here the story has nothing to do with the aggression of the Mixt

  • Mezcal, Oaxaca


    It is one of the Mexican drink by excellence and preference. 100% national origin, the fame which has at world-wide level is well deserved thanks to its so particular characteristi

  • Mitla, Arquitéctura Perfecta, Oaxaca

    The Perfect Architecture of Mitla

    In spite of being a relatively small archaeological site, Mitla leaves you with an unmistakable sensation of perfection. Their pyramids were built with small pieces of stone that f

  • Monte Albán, Desde Las Alturas, Oaxaca

    From the Heights - Monte Albán

    To be at  Monte Alban gives you a feeling of smallness, that you are almost reaching the sky. It seems like a time capsule, this esplanade and pyramids where times stands stil