One of the most distinctive and visited points of the port of Mazatlan, in what it was the Isle of Creston, is The Lighthouse. The structure is 157 meters height above sea level, making it the highest natural lighthouse in the world. Its light has a range greater than 48 nautical miles.

It  began working as such in 1828 in a very simple way: with torches and bonfires. Later, it began to use oil lamps and the power of the light improved considerably.
The next step was to use a tower that had an internal gas lamp whose light was amplified through a Fresnel lens type.
The dwelling below the lighthouse was built during the time of the porfiriato and during the 1930's  a road  was made to link the island with the harbor.
At present, its light comes from a rotating lamp of 500 mm of focal length that has a power of 558,000 light bulbs.