This city in the state of Sinaloa is famous for many things: its beaches, warm weather, good services, its beautiful historical center and its endless feast.

Its name comes from the Nahuatl word "Mazatl" which means "Place of the deer" and has the longest pier in the country: 23 miles, besides it has the first natural lighthouse highest in the world located on the island of Cerro Creston whose height is 515 feet above sea level. Mazatlan is located near the Sierra Madre Occidental and the coast of the Sea of Cortes (Gulf of California).

At this point in western Mexico you can arrive by sea, via highway or air, as it has an international airport just 10 miles from the port. By car you can use the highway 15 which runs from Mexico City to Nogales or the  Pan American Highway 40.

Mazatlan has one of the most important coastal shipping port in the country as well as having a growing beer industry and other fields. And as for tours, Mazatlan can be enjoyed with a guide or on your own and not just the city but also the surrounding areas.

In Mazatlan can feel and live an ideal environment combining the historical and modern. The architecture to be seen in the Historic Center is a very own style to the seventeenth century, which clearly illustrates the culture and traditions of Mexico. The beautiful architecture of the area is a sample of the era of Old Mexico. The continuing growth of the local infrastructure has been given to new shopping centers, hospitals and commercial facilities among others. Mazatlan is a place that can be explored for its great natural attractions and fascinating Latino culture.

Mazatlan has variety of places where activities can be developed into a unique tropical ambience  with all the appropriate facilities for tourists who visit us during the year.
The City offers a permanent festive atmosphere which can be found in restaurants, show centers and discotheques. Traditional festivities as the International Carnival, the third most important in the world after the Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, as well as recreational activities of Easter make the port a very special place for fun.