In Mexico exists many cities which growth, places them at the vanguard in industrial, economic and social terms, but very few conjugate such virtues with the cultural and tourist value of a city with history. That conjunction of qualities transforms the city of Leon in an ideal travellers destiny in search of pleasant and unforgettable experiences, or in a reference point for businessmen that seek various opportunities of business.

After Guanajuato, Leon stands out like the most important city of its state, being famous at world level thanks to its remarkable shoemaker industry, among others. A first level hotel infrastructure offers unsurpassable quality services, as well as restaurants of several gastronomic specialities or amusement and entertainment centres. The ideal complement of this industry is the Poliforum of Leon: one of the most attractive convention centres in Mexico, this is, thanks to its modernity and roominess of spaces, it has become a magnetism for businessmen and associations that organize events of great importance.

There is so much to live in Leon! City with a beautiful architecture that makes it shine like a true cultural jewel of the world: decorated with centenary stone in the Main Plaza and the Zocalo; the Chapel of Cristo Rey or the Cathedral, consecrated this last one barely yesterday by the Diez de Sollano y Davalos Bishop,  on March 16, 1866, the temple dedicated to the Santisima Virgen de la Luz, patron saint of the citizens. First known as the Convento y Colegio de los Padres Paulinos, later in 1869 adapted as headquarters of the government, highlights with elegance the Palacio Municipal building, as well as the magnificent Manuel Doblado Theatre inaugurated in 1880 in its neo-classical style. Since 1889, as a request of the Bishop Don Tomas Baron y Morales, they now have the beautiful Puente del Coecillo; the Arco de la Calzada inaugurated in 1896, dedicated to the patriotic heroes whose life and work continues inspiring the vigour of a tireless city.

Leon was a village since its beginning, created on January 20, 1576, until the Congress of the State of Guanajuato gave them the title of City on June 2, 1830, intensifying since that moment a constant cultural and economic development. On one hand, the boom happened unexpectedly thanks to the textile, saddler, shoemaker and tanned leader industry, all of them a deeply rooted tradition now days; on the other hand, thanks to the educational inheritance legacy of Father Ignacio Aguado with the foundation of the San Francisco de Sales and the Santisima Madre de la Luz schools, constitute respectively in 1840 and 1844.

The XIX century ended under a framework of prosperity, showing the city of Leon as an industrial example, with frequent expositions and a commercial success without equal, supported also by its efficient communication, thanks to the railroad, with the cities of Mexico, Guadalajara or Juarez. And at the time when the citizens of Leon travelled in trolley throughout the city, it was installed the first electric plant of the country, thanks to which the textile factory La Americana began its operations in 1879.
And what about the museums!  Appreciate the contemporary art work in the Museo de la Ciudad, or also an interesting collection of restored paintings in the Museo de Arte Sacro, next to the Cathedral

Or you prefer a familiar amusement? Don’t miss a visit to the Centro de Ciencias Explora: an interactive centre with six exhibition classrooms, IMAX projection room, auditory, science classroom, workshops, temporary expositions, open spaces, cafe services and souvenir store. In the Bol-Leon you will not only enjoy bowling, but also the dominoes room, billiards, Ping-Pong tables, gymnasium or snack bar.  Or come to see the lion! And the giraffe, the zebra, the rhinoceros, the polar bear and so many species of the surprising animal kingdom in the 42 hectares of the Zoological Park of Leon, located inside a marvellous forest surrounded by magnificent trees.

Other worthy parks to appreciate are the Metropolitano, ecological and recreational centre of 300 hectares that serves like an ideal environment for thousands of birds, or for who practice aquatic sports in the dam; the Parque Hidalgo, Los Carcamos, among others.

Beautiful and unrivalled city!  Crowned with a bronze lion in the Arco de la Calzada de los Heroes: deeply rooted citizen symbol; passion and unlimited effort symbol who have seen them grow through generations to one of the most important cities of the country.  Industrial heart of the State of Guanajuato, unforgettable tourist destiny for thousands of visitors that get satisfied all and each one of its expectations: the marvellous city of Leon.