It was the Mexicas,  a wandering culture linked to many native towns, in their passing through the Mexican soils, who perceived under the heat of the sun, the magnificent nature of this land, whose various elements are combined with subtlety and serenity like no other: enchanting beaches with sand as white as it is fine, touched by the intense blue of the sea that with the embrace of each wave exposes the rhythmical melody arousing the most alive feelings of peace for all  those who bathe in its infinite waters.

Cuahtolco, the “place where timber is adored”, is today distinguished as one of the most sought out destinations by vacationers. The bays of Huatulco, as they are known today, are constantly growing in their development for tourism, while at the same time, the surrounding nature remains unaware of the presence of modern man. Turtles lay their eggs, exotic birds sing to the sky, while the color of rich vegetation takes life as ceibas and orchids. In the distance the jaguar roars, the ancestral symbol of mesoamerican cultures, the deer run along the dense underbrush, and year after year there are more who succumb to the enchantment of Huatulco, situated at the edge of the vast Pacific Ocean in the state of Oaxaca.

Its status was establish as a port of commerce during the times of New Spain, which made for much ambition in Huatulco, due to the great benefits derived for the Spanish throne. Its beaches were witness to many pirate disputes and raids, similar to the mischievousness much like out of a movie, of pillaging and adventure in the 16 century: the likes of Sir Francis Drake in 1578, or Thomas Cavendish, who not only snatched up whatever they found along the way, but also fell astonished on more than one occasion when admiring the incredible beauty of the land.

One of the most bitter episodes of national history took place here on one of the beaches of Huatulco, the treason and handing over of the one who would end the Independence of Mexico, Don Vicente Guerrero. We know this beach as La Entrega (The Handing Over), located in the Bahia de Santa Cruz.
But in any circumstance, Huatulco has remained a place whose magnetism  has served to attract millions of eager travelers who wish to abandon themselves in this heavenly paradise.

By 1969, the Mexican government had decided to impel its tourist industry, especially in places where beaches existed, for which an exploration began of all the national territories. Flying high above the Pacific Ocean, observers could distinguish fascinating bays that possessed the optimal characteristics to play a part in the governmental project. It was in 1983 when the Bays of Huatulco would take shape, once the Puerto Escondido-Salina Cruz highway and the Oaxaca-Pochutla highway were finished. Even up to today, this destination continues to constantly grow bringing more investment and more visitors year after year.  And how couldn’t one succumb to the enchantment of such an incredible spot: 36 beaches in nine bays, make the ideal framework to evoke genuine peaceful and harmonious feelings in all those that visit.

Also in Huatulco among its mountains coffee is grown, where visitors may enjoy an uplifting stroll. During a tour of the coffee growing farms, one will get to know this art by the people who passionately dedicate their lives to the production of such a special plant, along with being invited at the end of the journey to be seated in front of a well served table, where one may satiate their appetite with magnificent dishes. Awaiting the tourists in the cozy town of La Crucecita (The Little Cross), are the handicrafts of unique artistry, where the exquisite flavor of the Oaxacan cuisine can also be savored. And at dusk, with the embracing sun over a beautiful sky of orange and rosy rays, visitors witness the fall of night enveloping the senses, while enjoying a steaming cup of the famous Café Pluma at the kiosk in Santa Cruz. Hotels, restaurants, night clubs,  golf courses and other attractions are openly waiting with a sense of uncomparable service for each visitor. Huatulco and its bays are like jewels of undeniable beauty whose enchantment will continue to amaze the entire world up to the end of time, which will make you want to come back more than once.