Also known as the Emerald Coast, Puerto Escondido is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque destinations of the Mexican Pacific in the wonderful state of Oaxaca.  Its crystal clear water contrasts with the whiteness of its sand, whose fine grains seem to caress the soles of the feet.

Its beautiful and peaceful beaches are the perfect setting for a wide range of water activities and recreation. For example, in Playa Bacocho and Puerto Angelito, qualified instructors guide you into the depths of the sea to go swimming and snorkeling; enjoying the delicate marine specimens on the west coast of Mexico. Adrenaline rises to the maximum with skydiving or flying in tandem, wrapped up in peaceful surroundings, enjoying the sun and sand of a Mexican paradise.

Thousands of visitors have chosen Puerto Escondido as the ideal place for diving, with its extraordinary underwater landscapes, mainly consisting of rocky and sandy bottom marine flora and fauna. Large oysters, mother-of-pearl, lobsters, moray eels, and the manta rays abound.  Carrizalillo and Manzanillo are ideal beaches for snorkeling. Also fishing is one of the most popular sports on different beaches, such as La Principal where you can capture great examples of Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin and Roosterfish.

Zicatela beach, with a long shore and abrupt slopes, serves as the ideal place for surfers from all over the world to perform daring stunts on their boards, making Puerto Escondido one of the most famous destinations worldwide to practice this sport. And of course, not only have the waves attracted fans of the sport (up to 6 meters high) to this place, but also those who enjoy the unique atmosphere and the culinary delights of Oaxaca and a wide variety of fish and seafood.  Every August there is an international surfing tournament, whose prestige now places it today as the third largest worldwide.

Puerto Escondido has a large tourist infrastructure that offers accommodations for every taste and budget, including hotels, villas, cottages, bungalows, and trailer parks. It is possible to rent boats for sightseeing or fishing, as well as having guides who organize hiking or horseback riding trips to observe the flora and fauna.

Visitors can easily walk down to the beach Puerto Angelito and buy all sorts of items, among which are a variety of Oaxacan handicrafts.  The Coastal Dance Festival is held here every November, which showcases the magnificent dances and traditions of the coast.  Billed as the premier forum for the expression of ethnic and regional dances of Mexico, which illustrates the encounter with the indigenous population and those with black roots from the Coast, this festival includes many dancers such as the Mixtec and Afromestizos chatinos, who play traditional pieces of the South Pacific, in addition to the Dance of the Turtle, the Devils, Los Tejorones, El Toro Berelele and Mat, among others. The festival also includes conferences, workshops and video screenings, as well as plastic and craft exhibitions.

Puerto Escondido has one of the centers of research and conservation of many species of turtle in the country (located in Playa Mazunte). And in addition to its unparalleled beaches, this destination has natural attractions that offer spectacular views and unforgettable experiences. The Lagunas Chacahua National Park is one such example with mangroves and 6 different types of forest that you can explore and where there are numerous endemic species that are unique to the area, which are still standing.  

Just 10 kilometers towards the Manialtepec Lagoon, we find the village called "Bajos de Chila" (flat place), where the scarf culture originated and in Nahuatl means “play on words”. The founders held the belief that the land was under sea level. A small archeological site is here with art representative of the culture, which has a stone of the Sun God and the statue of a high priest, among others. Manialtepec Lagoon waterfowl feed on the abundant fish, where anglers can relax, throw a hook and bring back a sunfish, catfish or a flat for dinner.  

Very close to Puerto Escondido is Puerto Angel, with numerous coffee plantations and beautiful beaches and waves that allow for great water sports. This place is the best option for tourists looking to enjoy virtually unspoiled places. Its main attractions are the main bay, the pier and Playa del Pantheon, and for those who want to enjoy sun, sea and sand, we recommend Playa del Amor, where you can enjoy nature devoid of underwear. Other very popular beaches crowded by young campers and explorers are Zipolite and Mazunte.

Very close to Puerto Angel is San Pedro Pochutla on federal highway 200, with abundant ceibas trees. There is a small archaeological site with Mixtec pottery remains. The figure of Pochutla  has its Maxtla and on the back it is inscribed with glyphs representing the numerals 5 and 10 and three other glyphs that are not interpreted yet, but apparently this figure is related to the first phase of Monte Alban. Visiting the craft market, the kiosk and appreciating the craft of black coral is a must.

Starting from Puerto Escondido before you reach Santiago Jamiltepec is San Pedro Tututepec.  This place was the center of the last Mixtec kingdom where the people left traces of an advanced culture that developed in the fields of astronomy, medicine, architecture and mathematics. In the latter field they were the only ones in Mesoamerica that established a decimal numbering system based on zero. These people defended themselves to the last day, to the last man and space, against the powerful Spanish army of Pedro de Alvarado, who in March 1522 finally conquered so great an empire.

Steeped in its origins with the aromatic smell of coffee, Puerto Escondido emerged in 1920 as a small shipping port that was unsuccessful. One of its original names was Zicatela, which in Nahuatl means "place of large spines". The typical dishes of the coast can be enjoyed in various restaurants, and if you like banana, here you will find 11 different varieties!   Another product of the region, the cocoa, is grounded up in view of the customer when as they prepare your exquisite chocolate. A true delight to the palate!

Delicate and beautiful beaches, lush tropical vegetation and animal species have made this destination one of the most sought after by international tourists. The surroundings are a colorful mosaic and unforgettable experiences, making it shine more than ever as the genuine Emerald Coast in the Mexican Pacific. Puerto Escondido: one destination of Travel By Mexico, the Mexico site in the world!