Capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey is also known as The City of the Mountains as it is bordered by the Sierra Madre and, in particular, Cerro de la Silla which is an iconic part of the city. Monterrey is the third most important city in Mexico economically and industrially and was also considered by Forbes magazine the fourth smartest city in the world in honor of its sustainable growth and the quality and innovation of its infrastructure. This recognition is considered a key point for investments by foreign companies and as a result its economic growth has been rising.

Monterrey, NL

State: Nuevo León

25º40'17"N 100º18'31"O

Altitude: 537 meters above sea level

295 km²

Time Zone: Central Standard Time UTC-6

Population: 1,135,512 inhabitants (INEGI, 2010)

Area Code: 81

In turn Monterrey is also the capital of culture in northwestern Mexico as it houses major museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) which has served as a showcase for the world's best contemporary artists like Ron Mueck and Ernesto Neto.

The city also offers a historical tour of the northwestern region in the Regional Museum of Monterrey.

The city center is home to old buildings such as the Government Palace, the Lighthouse of Commerce, the Bridge de la Vida, and the Cathedral de Monterrey that are examples of the colonial splendor of the city.

Another attraction in Monterrey is the Santa Lucia Riverwalk which starts at the Mexican History Museum and ends at the Fundidora Park with cultural and commercial areas along the way.

One of the favorite places for locals and tourists is the Old Neighborhood (Barrio Antiguo) which is a residential area behind the Cathedral of Monterrey. In this neighborhood, also known for its plethora of bars and clubs, there are still houses dating back to the 17th to the 20th centuries making the place a mix of styles as well as a historical overview of what was once the city.

The cuisine of Monterrey is machaca or dried meat with egg, goat, roasted pig, Jewish style food as well as flour tortillas that are already a symbol of Northern Mexico.

Getting there

Monterrey is located in northeastern Mexico bordered on the north with the cities of San Nicolas de los Garza and General Escobedo, to the south with San Pedro Garza Garcia and Santiago, to the east with Guadalupe Juarez and finally to the west with Santa Catarina and Garcia .

The city of Monterrey is connected to other cities in Mexico and the United States by the "Mariano Escobedo International Airport" and the "Aeropuerto del Norte" (North Airport) for private flights only.

By car you can take the highway Carretera Federal No.40, No.45 and No.47.

The city has a bus station that receives passengers from inside the Republic.

Distances from Monterrey to other destinations in Mexico

  • Saltillo, Coahuila: 83 km.
  • Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas: 221 km.
  • Torreón, Coahuila: 334 km.
  • Zacatecas, Zacatecas: 463 km.
  • Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes: 575 km.
  • León de los Aldama, Guanajuato: 696 km.
  • Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro: 706 km.
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco: 769 km.
  • Morelia, Michoacán: 893 km.
  • Mexico City, Federal District: 914 km.
  • Culiacan, Sinaloa: 1096 km.


The climate of Monterrey is semi-arid and warm.

The month with the highest rainfall is September.

The average annual temperature is 23° C. During the summer the maximum temperature is 34° C with a minimum of 22° C.

While in winter the maximum temperature is 21° C with a low of 9° C.

What to pack?

In the summer it is recommended that you pack shorts, cool shirts, sandals, flip flops, and sunscreen.

In the winter bring long pants, long sleeved shirts, a sweater, coat, gloves, and boots.

Activities and tourist attractions in Monterrey

Museums : Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO), Museum of Mexican History, Government Palace Museum, Northwest Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of Glass, Regional Museum of the Government Palace, Regional Museum of Monterrey, Alfa Planetarium Museum, Railroad Museum, Museum of Science and Technology.

Plaza Sesamo "Sesame Street" Water Park, Kidzania Monterrey, Magic Forest.

Hall of Fame of Professional Baseball in Mexico, House of Culture of Nuevo Leon, Center of the Arts, Pinacoteca Colegio Civil, Barco Mercantil.

Metropolitana de Monterrey Cathedral, Chapel of the Dulces Nombres, former College of the Sagrado Corazon, Church of la Purisma.

Condo Acero, Santa Lucia Riverwalk, Old Neighborhood "Barrio Antiguo", Corridor of the Art, City Theatre, Central Library, Hidalgo Plaza, Hundido Garden. Fundidora Park, Macroplaza, Lighthouse of Commerce, Monterrey City Hall, Monument to Labor, Fountain de la Vida, Esplanade de los Heroes, Commercial Circle, building Casino Monterrey.

Cerro de la Silla, Cola de Caballo Park (zipline), Garcia Caves,  La Pastora Zoo, La Estrella Bio Park, Chipinque Park.

Visit the Village of Santiago (One of the Magic Villages of Mexico)

Feasts and Festivals in Monterrey

March 21: Birthday of Benito Juarez.
May: New Voices of the World International Festival.
August: Monterrey International Film Festival.
September 16: Mexico's Independence Day.
September 20: Anniversary of Monterrey.
September-October: St. Lucia International Festival.
October: Festibaúl International Festival of Puppet.
October: International Folk Festival, Autumn Music Festival. International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Extremadura Contemporary Language.
November 1 and 2: Day of the Dead.
November 20: Celebration of the Mexican Revolution.
December 12: Celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe.