Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo

Small town located on the edge of the lake of the same name, southwest of the city of Toluca and 76 kilometers from Mexico City. It is Valle de Bravo with stone paved streets and houses with pitched roofs and red tile. There stands out the use of wood, mud and brick, white walls with dust covers, its portals and balconies.

Place which was the scene during centuries of cultural transitions between nahuatl, matlatzinca and Purépecha towns but now shines as one of the most popular destinations for vacationers, especially those who run away from the noise of the big city.

Even Valle de Bravo, as well as Avándaro (contiguous urban development that is distinguished by its exclusivity), have a lot of activity around the real estate business because many families possessing residences choose to rent or sell because they cannot attend their properties, "on weekend", as usually they did.

That is because it has been since the sixties a place of rest for the privileged class of the Mexico City, a beautiful place surrounded by forest of the region and the magnificent lake used for water sports: yes, a heavenly place, and why not, of fashion and status. However, from the traditional community perspective, in Valle de Bravo many economic activities are develop such as the production of glazed clay ceramics, pottery, wooden crafts, woolens with embroidery, unstitch cloths, basketry works with ocochal and miscellaneous work on leather.

However, tourism is, of course, another of the essential activities in this destination that has a wide hotel supply and high quality. There are numerous restaurants where you can taste a fresh trout or cecina vallesana, which is the specialty of the place.

The first settlements in this county were indigenous matlalzincas, established in what are now the towns of Santa Maria Ahuacatlán, La Peña and Otumba. The king Axayacatl conquered the area to establish the bastion of the Aztec empire by 1432, making border with the Tarascan Empire. In 1530, after the Aztec fall into the hands of Spaniards, Fray Gregorio Jimenez Cuenca founded San Francisco Temascaltepec del Valle.

In 1861 receive the name we know today and the category of Typical City of Valle de Bravo would be conferred in 1971. The lake was formed by the reservoir of the dam Miguel Aleman built in 1955 and on its edge are located more than 42 sailing clubs. Therefore, the practice of sailing and skiing or navigation on boats or acuamotos is great attractions for the place.

And if were not enough, Valle de Bravo is an ideal place to enjoy flying on kites and gliders that have as their starting point the top of Cerro de la Cruz, 2500 meters above sea level. You can also practice Golf in three great courses that include all services, horseback, moto-cross, mountain bike or simply walking across the magnificent landscapes and their forests.

Near the town, in northwest, is located a Rocky place known as "La Peña", where were found traces including pre-Hispanic archaeological pieces and cave paintings. In addition, there is no experience more pleasant to undertake a walk along the lake, finding restaurants on the pier and even one another floating in the lagoon. In this place, besides handicrafts stands installed on weekends, you can rent speedboats or boats to explore the limits of the lake.

Another option is to rent a horse to go around the rustic town and to delight your senses. From La Peña del Principe is an extraordinary view toward the lake and the surrounding area, so that is why many walkers reach their peak to appreciate the scenery.

Avándaro, word derived from the tarasca language means "Lugar de Ensueño” (Dream Place) and there you will find the park and ecological reserve known as the El Salto Velo de Novia (Bride’s Veil Falls). In this place are frequent hikes and picnics as there are some tables with grills. The so-called El Salto Velo de Novia, in its continuing cold waterfall, bathes the rocks and brings the viewer a unique sense of tranquility and the beautiful nature of this place! In addition to many attractions, you cannot miss to visit the Handicrafts Market or the Municipal Market, located on Juarez Avenue and Independencia Street respectively.

On the first one you will appreciate the surprising beauty of unstitch clothes and pottery of the region, while another simply enjoys buying fruit and vegetables, flowers, plants, mushrooms and nuts or tasting delicious meals prepared in stands where are accompany with blue handmade tortillas.

In the area of Valle de Bravo there are several points that are equally interesting, as the Monte Alto Reserve or the National Park Bosencheve for those who practice fishing. Towns as Donato Guerra, Villa de Allende, Temascaltepec, Tejupilco, Bejucos, and Ixtapan Del Oro and so on, are picturesques villages whose culture is rooted to the ground in the region with unique charm.

Nearby Valle is The Nevado de Toluca which stands majestic, volcano full of mystery and legends, silent colossus to which arrive mountaineers or curious.

Come to Valle de Bravo and have an unforgettable vacation!