There is no doubt that Cancun is the most famous tourist spot in all of Mexico.

It’s not only talked about as one of the most attractive ports that exist in the world, but also the most important tourist destination of the country thanks to the sophistication of its design and its economic importance year after year.

Such a privileged status has not been at random, because Cancun has been the focus of attention for the development of luxurious hotels, international restaurants, great quality nightlife, and many other businesses designed for the tourism of this great paradise that was just founded in 1974. Cancun is a peninsula located 100 kilometers from the Ruta Maya, having the ideal quality of the warm waters of the Caribbean and the Nichupté lagoon; a place distinguished by its extraordinary beaches full of smooth, white sand bordering the tranquil and crystalline waters of the sea. During the day, the splendid sun bathes the beauty of this tropical paradise.  While at night, it opens itself with a magic and sensuality that hypnotizes anybody who visits it.

Apparently the region was inhabited by the Iztaes Indians, who founded Siyancaan Bakhalal around the year 435 B.C. and Chichen Itzá between the years 495 and 514 A.C., although the past fades away in the mist of pre-Hispanic mysticism and the Spanish conquest.  Today it simply shines as one of the most visited paces by vacationers that look to experience a stay full of pleasures and great adventures.

One marvelous sight is the blue tones of the water in this proud paradise in the state of Quintana Roo.  At the same time, it shows itself as a city whose principle characteristics are the beauty of urbanization, order, and the cleanliness that it maintains. But besides being an ideal place to enjoy the sun and the beach, Cancun offers many opportunities to go shopping, enjoy the nightlife, and live a gourmet experience. Also, this tourist destination functions as an important location for the exploration of incredible coral reefs, large jungles, and extraordinary archaeological sites left by the ancient Mayan cultures.
Here the visitor can pick the rhythm and style of life that most suites their wishes and needs, from groups of students with little funds up to the rich and famous. It’s a suitable place for the eco-tourist thanks to the extraordinary nature that exists in the region.  It can be a place of unstoppable parties or simple rest. Each person can live the marvelous and unforgettable experience that Cancun offers.
The beaches are one of the most famous attractions of Cancun, and each one offers numerous activities: volleyball, snorkeling, water sports, parasailing...or do you prefer to rest in a hammock? You pick!

The hotel zone contains the majority of the visitors, whether in luxurious hotels or condos. On the opposite side of the sea we find the great Laguna Nichupté, a place that holds numerous marines, seafood restaurants, malls, and golf clubs. Imagine, the marvelous experience of spending an afternoon on one of the small islands that is situated in this magical place! The lagoon is fed from a subterranean freshwater source and is connected to the sea at two places, which creates the ideal spot for numerous tours and activities related to the water. The touristic zone has some smaller archaeological sites that are pretty interesting. For example, there are the Ruinas de El Rey, located at kilometer 17 of the Boulevard Kukulkán.

On the other side, downtown Cancun represents the ideal place to take long walks and enjoy the great service of the bars and restaurants, or simply to go shopping but with the great advantage of finding prices much more reasonable than compared to the hotel zone or  “Zona de Fiesta” (Party Zone), that includes the most renowned clubs and restaurants in the city.

Another place that is worth visiting is Isla Mujeres  that is found 20 minutes from Cancun by ferry. It is a small island 8 Km long that long ago was a pirate refuge, but today it is distinguished as a nice place to just relax, eat well, and practice all types of water sports. The waves of its warm and gentle waters bring forth an undeniable sensation of peace for whoever wants to abandon in the harmony of its scenery.

So, if you are looking for calm and tranquil days, to enjoy the sand and sun, bathe yourself in crystalline waters, house yourself in luxurious hotels, taste the many delicious dishes of international foods, or live the romantic intensity of Caribbean nights...don’t think anymore! Cancun is the most elegant and famous tourist destination in Mexico awaiting you with open arms.