The Guelaguetza, Oaxaca

The Guelaguetza of Mondays on the Hill

Guelaguetza: The men and women of the eight regions of the State make this offering to the inhabitants of the city of Oaxaca that gladly welcome them.

From the Central Valleys, the Cañada, the Papaloapan, the Mixteca, the Coast, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Northern and Southern Sierra come to offer the products of their region to their hosts.

Apparently, this celebrations have their origin at the colonial times and are related to the celebration of Corpus Christi at El Carmen Alto church, which was celebrated the following Monday to the 16 of July and repeated in the so-called “eight”, eight days later.
To these festivities, soon was added the enthusiasm of the resident natives in the towns that surrounded the city, particularly the ones from guaxaca;, which was the capital of the Marquesado del Valle granted to Hernán Cortés by the King of Spain and Xochimilco, which was founded in 1521, ordered by the own Cortes, to the north of that city.

The natives maintained their own traditions according to which they celebrated a festivity dedicated to Centeotl, goddess of the tender corncob, to whom they made great honors and offerings.
The unavoidable interrelation between Spaniards and natives and the persistence of the evangelists to make acceptable the imposition of the catholic rites, made possible that elements of the indigenous tradition were incorporated to the catholic cult, making more festive and spectacular the external liturgical acts, from the moment in which natives, blacks and Spaniards began to live together more intensively.
Recently the “Fiestas de los Lunes del Cerro” are held in the city of Oaxaca the second Monday following July 16 and constitute an event involving all the people, regardless of social status.

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