Pyramid of the Sun, the Most Imposing Structure of Teotihuacan

The most important structure within the archaeological site of Teotihuacan is undoubtedly the towering Pyramid of the Sun.

Situated on one side and approximately at the center of the Avenue of the Dead, stands this ancient pre-Hispanic building whose height reaches almost 63 meters high while the sides that make up the base, each measuring 225 meters, forming a perfect picture.

An interesting but unknown figure to visitors is that under this gigantic pyramid, there is a 103 meters tunnel discovered by researchers in the year 1971, which leads to a room located right in the center of the structure. It contains four small irregular chambers  that may have had some religious purpose in ancient times.

Unfortunately there is no public access to the corridor but it is now possible to see a small metal door attached at the bottom in front of the structure.

Address of Teotihuacan:

Pyramids Ecatepec Highway km.22 + 600, San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico State. 45 kilometers northeast of Mexico City.

Entrance Fee to the archaeological zone of Teotihuacan

Admission: $ 51 pesos.
Cars: $ 45 pesos, bus $ 150 pesos.
Personal Video Camera: $ 35 pesos.
Professional Video Camera: $ 5.000 pesos.

Sites of Interest:

Map of Teotihuacan and Hotels in the vicinity a few steps from the Archaeological Zone.