Russian President Honored the Mexican Dancer Sonia Amelio

On Monday June 20, 2011, from the Gorky presidential residence on the outskirts of Moscow, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave the Mexican dancer Sonia Amelio the Pushkin Medal Award.

This award established in 1999 by former Russian President Boris Yeltsin to commemorate the 200th birthday of the playwright, novelist, founder of the modern Russian literature and the greatest poet of Russia: Alexander Pushkin, rewards personalities from other countries who have excelled in the field of arts, culture, education and humanitarian efforts, and for their contribution in the study and conservation of cultural heritage and cultural development among nations.

Sonia Amelio is one of the most recognized Mexican artists worldwide.

Sonia Amelio is a complete artist:

Concert pianist, “Prima Ballerina”, International Choreographer, Conductor, actress and interviewer of great personalities, is known internationally as the best crotalista* in the world.

Ambassador of Mexican and universal dance throughout her career, Sonia Amelio has earned multiple international awards and has conquered the most prestigious theaters in the world:

Ethiopia, Morocco, Vietnam, Kenya, Egypt, USA, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Israel, Lebanon, Indonesia, Mongolia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, among many others.

* Crotalismo: castanets music and dance.

Link of interest:

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